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First official cat post

So I got my library degree and all of a sudden I am posting cat videos and cat pictures on my Facebook. Horrible! Really it is! But I feel like it’s ok because none of the photos and videos that I likes are highlighting how “cute” cats are. For the most part I like how absurd they are. Cats have so much…. dignity(?)….but they are just as silly as dogs. I mean have you ever caught a cat grooming themselves when they think no one is looking? No? Well just imagine your mom walking in on you in the bathroom as you take care of your own body hair. Yeah, exactly.  

This video is a hoot! I am sure that  I am the last one to post this but here we go anyway.


So here it is. I am studying to be a librarian. I work in a library. I wear glasses and frequently complain about search functions on various websites. But I do not like cats. I am allergic and even if I wasn’t I think that I might lie and say I was just to avoid cat sitting. I think that cats are jerks and are like roommates who don’t pay rent or do dishes. I think most look the same and when people show me pictures of their cat doing something “cute” I think that the cat usually just looks pissed off.  Oh, and for the most part I don’t understand those cat memes. So, next time you run into a librarian don’t just assume they like cats. Because they might be like me. A dog lover!

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